Become a Nurse Assistant in 12 Days at CNA Training Academy

State-Approved 90-Hour CNA Program


CNA Training Academy's 90-hour CNA program trains students to perform basic nursing skills like vital sign collection, restorative techniques, personal care, daily living activities, charting, and reporting of changes in condition. Graduates are eligible to obtain certification as Certified Nursing Assistants in the state of Arkansas. 

Instructors are Experienced Licensed Nurses


CNA Training Academy has great instructors who truly care about instilling knowledge into students. The school's instructors want all students to succeed in their healthcare career training journeys and are committed to helping people achieve their goals. Also, instructors at CNA Training Academy care about their students' lives outside the classroom.

Career Training That Is In High Demand


CNAs are in high demand. Also, CNAs are indispensable to the healthcare field. Job growth for nursing assistants is expected to increase by 11 percent through the year 2026, faster than average for all jobs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2018). Most CNAs earn steady income while doing work that helps others in need. Call 870.494.5393 to enroll.

CNA Training Academy in Forrest City, Arkansas: F.A.Q.s

What is a C.N.A.?

A certified nursing assistant (C.N.A.), also known as a 'nurses aide,' is an allied healthcare worker who delivers direct care to patients, clients and residents in settings such as hospitals, psychiatric facilities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, personal care group homes, hospices and clinics under the supervision of a licensed nurse.

What Do C.N.A.s Do?

C.N.A.s carry out tasks such as vital sign collection, assistance with ambulation, obtaining clean supplies for procedures, bathing, feeding, infection prevention measures, grooming, toileting, preparing rooms for new admissions, transfers, bed-making, meal service, repositioning, speaking to patients, and reporting changes in condition.

How Do I Become a C.N.A.?

An individual who wants to become a C.N.A. must first complete a state-approved nurse aide training program like the one offered at CNA Training Academy. After completing a nurse aide training program, the individual must attain a passing score on the state test to obtain Arkansas certification as a certified nursing assistant. Call 870.494.5393 to enroll.

Approved 12-Day Nurse Aide Program at CNA Training Academy

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Start Your Healthcare Training Journey With Us at CNA Training Academy!

A career as a C.N.A. is the foundation of basic nursing. Drop us a line today, and we can get you started on the pathway to a fulfilling healthcare career tomorrow. To enroll in one of our 12-day CNA programs, please contact us.

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Reasons to Attend CNA Training Academy


Why Should I Enroll at CNA Training Academy?

CNA Training Academy offers affordable, quality certified nursing assistant CNA programs that can be completed in just 12 days. Call 870.494.5393 to enroll.

There's a 12-Day CNA Program? Did I Read That Correctly?

Yes! If you devote less than 2 weeks to CNA classes, the caring instructors of CNA Training Academy can help you get a new career in as little as 12 days.

Where Is CNA Training Academy Located?

CNA Training Academy is located at 409 Cleveland Avenue, Forrest City, Arkansas 72335. Call to schedule an appointment to enroll.

Is CNA Training Academy Legitimate?

The nurse aide programs at CNA Training Academy are fully approved by the Arkansas Department of Human Services. 

I Want to Know More About the 12-Day CNA Program!

The 12-day nurse aide course consists of 10 days in the classroom and 2 days of clinical externship at a local healthcare center.

Are the Instructors Nice? Will They Work With Me?

The instructors want all students to succeed in their CNA classes and will bend over backwards to help you achieve your goals.